Natural Handcrafted Body Care

Our soaps, creams, oils, balms and salves are made by hand in artisan batches with solar power, using sustainably grown plant based ingredients and colored with common earth minerals.

Bug Spray, Poison Ivy Treatment

Bug Spray, Poison Ivy Treatment

BYE BYE BUGS! Bug Me Not Bug spray that smells nice and... 



Everybody likes a gift now and then Especially when it can be... 

A Season at Herb Garden Naturals

Sustainable Small Business is the Future

I've been making soap professionally since 2008.

As an artist and chef, I have always considered it a creative endeavour.

As an herbalist, I celebrated finding a new way to work with my plant-friends.

As an illustrator and photographer, I found a new purpose for my design work.

And as an environmentalist turned 100% tree-hugger, bug-lover, organic total ecosystem nature freak, I found something everybody needed that produced little pollution and waste.

We are solar-powered, sustainably plant-based, organic and "small batch" hand-crafted.

There are countless companies today, large and small, claiming to be handcrafted, green, plant-based, sustainable and organic. For too many, these words are just marketing gimmicks. Many use third world extruded soap products permeated with petrochemical fragrances and dyes, in facilities that are hardly "green". Lots of chemical preservatives are added because the soaps and creams, lip balms and make-up have to survive hot trucks and storage facilities for months or years. It's the only way a big business can survive. Because is bigger is better. That's what we've always been told.

I'm here to tell you that small is best, and we truly small businesses are the sustainable ones. We are the future for the planet, humanity, and all of the animal, plant and insect species who make this planet a living, truly green paradise.

I thank you for buying my soaps, creams, lip balms and oils. The planet thanks you, too.

  • Lavender

    In 2018, we installed a sloping garden of 48 lavender plants. There are English, French, Czech, Hidcote, Munstead and ..... Now we make hydrosols for the creams, collect the essential oil, and harvest buds and leaves for the soaps.

    Gift of Lavender 
  • Melissa

    Most people curse lemon balm because it grows easily and spreads well. We love this common gift from the earth. It is in our favorite foot cream, Melissa Cream, and makes the best natural "chapstick", Melissa Lips.

    Gift of Melissa 
  • Calendula

    A beautiful annual in the herb garden, this herb is used to heal cuts and scratches, sunburns and rashes. We make hydrosols, tinctures and steep it in almond oil for our beautiful Calendula Lavender Cream.

    Calendula Lavender Cream 
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It Started with an Herb Garden

...and the deep desire to create

Down the Rabbit Hole

Multimedia collage

The Great Outdoors Collection

The Great Outdoors Collection

I spend a lot of time out of doors. Whether I'm with the... 

  • Rosemary

    Rosemary for remembering.

    It stimulates the blood,

    relieves arthritis and inflammation,

    and wakes up your brain!

    Rosemary Wintermint Cream 
  • Comfrey

    "Knitbone" was purported to heal broken bones. It may well, but we use it to in our soaps to clean and heal broken skin.

    Comfrey Root Soap 
  • Chamomile

    Used for centuries to soften skin, it reduces pigmentions and age spots, balances oily skin, sooths eczema, helps wounds heal

    Oat Healing Herb Soap 
  • Rose

    Roses soften the edges -

    strengthen skin cells, regenerate tissues, hydrate dry cells, erase wrinkles and "rosacea" redness

    Jasmine Rose Cream 
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