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Oat Healing Herb Natural Handmade Soap

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5.5oz bar

Soothe & heal irritated skin with comfrey, calendula and chamomile, lavender, rosemary, sage and thyme

This soap is loaded with organic herbs in powders, hydrosols and essential oils all known (for centuries!) by herbalists to reduce inflammation, heal dermatitis, detoxify abrasions and provide antibacterial action -  a soap formulated to be gentle to your skin while treating rough, red and itchy skin.

You know our skin is our largest organ and is responsible for helping to cleanse our bodies of toxins.  If you are having issues, look closely at your diet, exercise and exposure to chemicals.  Remember: skin glows from the inside out.  This soap is to help you remove the stuff that's keeping your glow hidden!

Follow your bathing with our Balm of the Woodland Elves.  Check it out here.

Solar powered, sustainable, plant-based, handcrafted, phthalate-free soap made with saponified oils of Olea europaea (olive) oil & Cocos nucifera (coconut) oil, and including Thymus vulgaris (thyme) hydrosol, Avena sativa (oats), scented (with lots of healing herbs) Lavandula augustifolia (lavender) oil, Rosmarinus officinales (rosemary) oil, Salvia officinales Dalmatia(sage) oil, Tsuga canadensis (spruce) oil, Abies sierica ( fir needle) oil, and loaded with Calendula officinales (calendula powder,  Anthemis nobilis (chamomile), Symphytum officinales (comfrey leaf) powder, chlorophyllin (extracted from nettles, grass and alfalfa), Rosmarinus officinales (plant-derived antioxidant).