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Gift of Lavender

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How do you love lavender?  Let's count the ways! And let's start at nine!

Here at Herb Garden Naturals, we have five distinctive hand-crafted, natural soaps and three delicious hand-made organic creams, and one of our scented oils. Each one plays a different role in your entourage of body care, each one is indispensable!

This Gift of Lavender comes wrapped prettily, ready to place in your own gift bag or box to present to your Lavender Lover!

Eight items, all lavender, all luscious and each one very, very special.

Hand-crafted Lavender Soaps:

M'Lady's Lavender with Kaolin Clay - for gentle, deep-cleaning complexion care
Lavender Rose Soap - two scents that relax and transport you to a calm world
Oat Comfrey Lavender Soap - with the gentle exfoliating action of fine oats
Bouquet of Lavender with Rose, Ylang-ylang, Lilac and Lavender- for remembering the summer blooms all year 'round
Stony Creek Sea Salt and Lavender Soap - a spa treatment in a bar of soap!

Hand-crafted Lavender Creams:

Lavender Cream - a light cream for face, hands, anyplace
Nighty Night Lavender and Shea Cream - this is everybody's favorite bedtime foot cream: thick, healing, antifungal and callous-softening!
Calendula Lavender Healing Herbal Remedy - restore your skin with healing calendula and lavender grown right here in Connecticut

Hand-crafted Lavender Scented Oil

Lavender Woods - a light oil that provides just the right amount of "slip" for a massage, a non-greasy moisturizer and a scent to haunt those you pass by.  Try it in a foot soak, too! Wow, it feels sooooo good!

 and Lavender Lip Balm!

This collection includes:

Five bars of soap and three jars of cream, one scented skin oil and one lip balm

The soap bars are cut at over 5.5 oz (the Stony Creek soap is cut at 6.5 oz).  You can choose the size of the creams and oil, which come in 2 oz, 4 oz and 8 oz sizes.