Calendula Lavender Healing Organic Cream
Calendula Lavender Healing Organic Cream
Calendula Lavender Healing Organic Cream
Calendula Lavender Healing Organic Cream
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Calendula Lavender Healing Organic Cream

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Organic herbal cream available in 1/2 oz,2oz, 4oz, 8oz

Organic healing for scars, rashes, eczema, irritations & burns - and it's just a nice cream, too!

Calendula flowers are plucked first thing in the morning - before the heat of the day compromises their rich healing resins-  then the long process of making oils & tinctures begins, and, in time, we can make this cream that helps heal the rashes of life.

We made this cream initially for a friend who had developed a rash when working in her garden.  It wasn't poison ivy, and everything she did to heal it failed: cortisone creams, prescription creams, petrolatum-based ointments.  We made this cream for her, and in two days the rash which had plagued her for weeks was on its way to healing - finally.  In a week, her skin had completely cleared up.

Another friend uses this to keep his mysterious eczema at bay.  He unconsciously scratches at the patches on his arms, and Herb Garden Natural's Calendula Lavender Cream relieves the itching, heals his skin and breaks the habit of tearing at himself.

Calendula has been used by herbalists for centuries to heal burns, nicks, eczema, rashes. and scars (even old ones).


Great Combinations:

Pair up Calendula Cream with M'Lady's Lavender Soap with Kaolin Clay or
with our Stony Creek Sea Salt Lavender Soap

M'Lady's Soap has Kaolin Clay in its formula, useful for gently drawing impurities from your pores. 

Stony Creek Sea Salt Lavender Soap  with the soothing properties of sea salt and lavender.  We like to use either one with our Calendula Cream to help cleanse troubled skin of the toxins that are aggravating it. 


Check out the combos we have listed under the "size" categories..



Calendula Lavender Cream: Ingredients: All natural, made with organic ingredients: organic calendula tea, wild-crafted witch hazel/calendula distillate, organic cocoa butter, organic shea oil; organic calendula sweet almond oil, emulsifying wax, plant glycerin, Lavandin grosso essential oil, grain alcohol, Red Thyme essential oil, anti-oxidant derived from rosemary.

M'Lady's Soap: Ingredients:saponified Olea europaea (olive) oil, Cocos nucifera (coconut) oil,  Elais guineensis (palm) oil, & Ricinus communis (castor) Lavendula Augustifolia essential oil,  Kaolin Clay, comfrey root powder, Alkanna tinctorum( color), Titanium dioxide( color), Rosmarinus Officinales (natural antioxidant).

 Stony Creek Sea Salt Lavender Soap: Ingredients:saponified Cocos nucifera coconut) oil & Butyrosperum parkii (shea) oil, Dead Sea Salt; essential oil blend Lavandin grosso (lavender), Cymbopogon shoenanthus (lemongrass) Juniperis communis (juniper);  Rosmarinus Officinales (anti-oxidant), Titanium dioxide (color), mineral pigment (color).








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