Welcome to Herb Garden Naturals!

Welcome to Herb Garden Naturals!

We are located on the Connecticut shoreline which stretches along the beautiful salt marshes of the Long Island Sound. There are many reasons we began making natural soaps and creams.  Living near such a fragile eco-system and seeing the impact of our modern lifestyle on the earth, in the oceans and on the creatures who make this place their home, rates right up there.

The world is a complicated place, and it is easy to feel overwhelmed by the choices we make - and do not make - about how we live here.  One thing we know we can have some control over is what we put in the water.  Whether we are rinsing chemicals off our skin, using them to clean our possessions or spraying chemicals on our yards, they eventually end up in our water.

Making soap is not a radical statement about anything - but it is an occupation that uses practically no energy and creates a product that is biodegradable and used by everybody.  Commercial soap is all about chemicals.  Our soap is all about combining fats with a base and adding herbs.  It's a small thing, but it's one way to keep our water cleaner. Soap.


Our primary goal is to create healthy herbal skin care products that are good for you, gentle on your skin and better for the planet.

Herb Garden Naturals specializes in artisan hand crafted soaps, lip balms, body creams, bath salts, bug repellent, herbal tinctures, scented oils, hydrosols and dried herbs.  Every product is created using natural, wild-crafted & organic ingredients:  plant oils, herbal extracts, powdered and whole herbs, essential oils, floral waxes, and colors that occur naturally in plants and minerals.

Everything we make, we make by hand and we use personally.  Our friends and relatives use them, our pets use them, and our home uses them. 

While our ideas are usually inspired as the creative process they are, they are as likely to arise from special requests made by friends and customers looking for something no one else seems to make. 

We love a challenge!  We also like our soaps and creams to have a purpose, so while some may 'just smell nice' and look pretty, rest assured that the underlying chemistry has been chosen to actually benefit your skin - not just smell nice and look pretty!


It is important to us to provide you with affordable natural skin care you can use every day. You'll find our products are competitive in price and superior in quality.

Natural products should be used - not stored away and "saved" for that special moment. Just think about it: this moment is special.  Use your soap today.  Slather on the cream today.  Keep the bugs off today!

The key to natural products is natural preservatives and antioxidants. For many decades now, scientific studies have been linking chemical preservatives, additives and modern ‘every day’ ingredients (many derived from petrochemicals) to cancers, birth defects, learning disabilities and skin diseases. Often, when you stop using the products loaded with preservatives and turn toward the natural, your skin clears up, your head clears up, you feel better.  Even the earth feels better!

As with all things that are alive and natural - like you and me - there are the best days, the okay days and the trash days.  This is how I think about my soaps and creams: they want to be with you now, during their best days. 

Yes, of course they have shelf life, but please think of them more as daily companions and not chemical concoctions designed to defy the limits of the natural world. We are not making Twinkies here!!  And while we could argue that Twinkies don't appear to be leaching into our water systems, it is disturbing that any "food" could "outlive" a bar of soap!



FOODWORKS in Old Saybrook, CT, located on Route One.

FOUR SEASONS in Branford, CT, located on Route One.

Many other stores carry a nice selection.  Please refer to our locations pages.

We do not have a retail store in our Stony Creek location. Please help us support local businesses by visiting their brick and mortar enterprises!