Creams, natural & organic

Soap is a fun and amazing thing to make..........and so are so many other body-care products. For me, the ideas keep coming and before I know it, after hours in the Herb Garden Naturals Lab, all of these other amazing things are populating the shelves and begging to get into people's hands and onto their bodies.

These are the creams we make.

Each one is a unique experience with different "feels", scents and goals. 

I personally use different creams depending on the season - as well as my body's needs. You may find that to be true, too. 

Each jar lasts a long time, and obviously, the savings to you is in the quantity you choose.  The larger jars are the most economical.

There are creams matched with soaps so you can try them out - and to encourage you, we've priced them at 10% off.