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UnBody Butter Organic Cream

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Organic skin cream available in purse size, 2oz, 4oz, 8oz

*** NEW FORMULA *** - with a new label, so it won't be looking like the photos here (until we can get some new shots online!)

Still rich with skin-healing oils - vegan, organic, gluten-free, non GMO - and  Unscented!

 Great for after-sun exposure, dry climates and other rashy-conditions (moms: think “diaper cream!”)

Super healing and moisturizing for dry skin! Excellent for aging skin, stretch marks, "winter skin".

Nutrient-packed oils help replenish the natural oils, collagen and sebum of your skin with their anti oxidants and fatty acids.

Protect your skin from daytime ravages, year-round.  The shea butter we use has been changed to a "lower melt" formula so the cream stays creamier. Together with avocado butter, these two protect your skin while it heals.  Add sunflower and meadowfoam oils and your skin literally smiles!  Aloe Vera, renowned for its protective properties, is added in a Glycine soja (soy) formula naturally full of essential amino fatty acids, 

And here's the very best addition to this inspired upgrade of this amazing butter: organic lavender hydrosol, processed right here from our own organic lavender gardens.

Lavender hydrosol has a very slight scent that does not transfer to this unscented cream.  More importantly, the hydrosol captures all of the important healing properties of this timeless herb.  Anti microbial, anti inflammatory, reduces anxiety, analgesic (relieves pain).

Apply liberally after a day in the summer sun.  In the winter, beat the drying heat of the indoors and keep your skin fresh and soft with Unbody Butter. Excellent for reducing the effects of rosacea, psoriasis, itchiness that seems to have no noticeable source and other redness. Take care of rashy baby bottoms (and adult bottoms!) without the petroleum-based ingredients in commercial products.

Acne - here's another thing to try if your skin is subject to clogged pores and the infections that often accompany acne. This won't work for every skin type, but if your current treatment isn't helping, try this soapless regimen for a month:

Soap strips the important oils from your skin as you attempt to clean the dirt and other oils off.  It literally leaves your skin bereft of the collagen and sebum that have been tasked with flushing foreign matter from your pores. So put the soap down for a month and do this: 

In the morning, splash really warm water on your skin.  Apply the UnBody Butter by dotting it on forehead, cheeks, chin.  Then swirl it on with your fingertips. Leave it on.

In the evening, splash really warm water on your skin again, wet a washcloth with hot water and gently rub you skin in small circles with the hot cloth.  Rinse it every so often. When you've GENTLY washed your entire face, apply the UnBody butter again and leave it on until morning. Repeat daily.

You may initially experience what you think is a worse condition, but please give it a few days as your pores are evacuating the gunk that has been collecting.  If you experience redness, itching, etcetera, then stop using the product.


(this is not an spf product—we recommend keeping covered to protect from the sun’s rays)  This butter, however, will help your skin heal when you forget you hat and sleeves!

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Solar powered, plant based, handcrafted, made with organic ingredients:  Lavender hydrosol (organic Lavender augustifolia), organic Butyrospermum parkii (shea) butter; organic Helianthus annuum (sunflower) oil,  organic hydrogenated Persea gratissima (avocado) butter, beeswax, plant-based emulsifying wax, grain alcohol, Aloe vera oil extract (Glycine soja (soybean) oil with Aloe barbadensis (aloe vera), plant-based glycerin, Limnanthes alba (meadowfoam) oil, Tocopherols (vitamin E), Rosmarinus officinales oleoresin (anti-oxidant plant derived)