Jasmine Rose Organic Beauty Cream

$ 23.69

Light & Silky Organic skin cream available in 2oz, 4oz, 8oz

Luxurious cream for beautiful skin

Treat yourself to our Light & Silky Jasmine Rose cream that lays on your skin like silk.

Made with special rose and jasmine waxes which provide the rich and complex aromas, these waxes also add a heightened level of emolliency to the cream.  This means that your skin is soft-soft-soft! The sultry scent is released as the cream absorbs gently into your skin, penetrating deeply to condition & hydrate your skin, revealing your inner glow to the world.

Try our Jasmine Rose Hand-crafted Natural Soap,
a natural with Jasmine Rose Cream! Our special combos are: 
4 oz Jasmine Rose Cream with one bar of Jasmine Rose soap
8 oz Jasmine Rose Cream with two bars of Jasmine Rose soap  


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Ingredients: Made with natural & organic ingredients: green tea, wild-crafted witch hazel distillate, organic babassu palm butter, organic coconut oil, organic jojoba oil, organic sunflower oil, plant-derived glycerin, emulsifying wax, floral waxes, essential oils, fragrance, grain alcohol, r.o.e.rosemary derived antioxidant.