Soap and Water Remove Viruses from your Hands

Soap and Water Remove Viruses from your Hands

SOAP and WATER Remove Viruses from your Hands

Ah yes.

Here's the word on the street - the Science Street, if you will - because scientists will tell you that the best way to remove viruses from your skin is with Soap and Water..

The endearing phrase "Soap is Dope" has been repeated so many times already, it has become, effectively, the Meme of our Times!

So. if Soap is Dope than.........I'd just like to say, as a hand crafter of beautiful bar soaps, that.... 



Why do I say this? 

BAR SOAP comes in its own package: a bar of pure soap with a simple biodegradable paper label. NO PLASTIC BOTTLE REQUIRED!

LIQUID SOAP comes in that cute PLASTIC bottle with the handy pump thingy.That's right: liquid soap comes in PLASTIC BOTTLES.  Oh, yes, and remember, Covid 19 viruses live on plastic surfaces for hours and hours -  seven hours?  Seventeen? (Such precise information we've heard!) - and Covid 19 could be on that plastic bottle of liquid soap you are holding in your hand!

BAR SOAP is 100% SOAP -

LIQUID SOAP is 5% SOAP...and 95% water. You pay to ship water! With bar soap, you add water...only when you use it. Not even before the soap is shipped to you.

LIQUID SOAP equals PAYING FOR WATER to be SHIPPED in a small plastic bottle. 

 And now I have to say it: 

WATER IS OUR MOST PRECIOUS RESOURCE. Why are we shipping it around the world with a little bit of soap in it?

The HUGE FOSSIL FUEL FOOTPRINT of LIQUID SOAP in its manufacture, processing, bottling and shipping is unconscionable and unnecessary in a society that really does understand the consequences of its actions.

Liquid soap is cooked for hours (fossil fuels), then it is diluted and put into a plastic bottle (petroleum-based plastic) and shipped to warehouses, then to distribution centers, then (maybe) to your grocery store, then you drive it home (in the re-usable bag you bring to the store to end the mindless single-use plastic bag syndrome of the modern world.)

Our BAR SOAP IS COLD-PROCESSED which means we bring the oil and lye to 95 degrees and then let their chemical-magic happen.  Our heating process has no fossil fuel footprint: WE ARE SOLAR POWERED, baby!

 And we ship via USPS, you know, snail mail, those folks who come to your door every day anyway with letters and packages for you (not an extra trip made by FedEx or UPS!)

So it really is a no-brainer. 



Just sayin'

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