Soaps with Benefits

...herbs, sea salt, oats, clay, seeds, cornmeal or pumice!

There's a trend today to put little plastic balls in soaps, creams and exfoliating rubs.  These little balls never break down in the environment.  They are, I suppose, yet one more of our modern contributions to environmental eternity - archaeological evidence of the Industrial Era. But I digress.

We, here at Herb Garden Naturals, add things to our products that not only came from Nature but intend to recycle back into it. There are benefits to these little additions we make, too.  Dead Sea Salt is loaded with minerals to nourish your skin; oats that contribute both skin-softening and exfoliating action; clays that draw impurities out of the skin's pores; cornmeal and pumice act to scrub the grimiest grime away; and cranberry seeds that stimulate your skin to encourage blood flow.

Sounds pretty good, right?  Check them out!