Annabelle's Goat Milk Soap - Vanilla Cream

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4 oz promotional bar

Many soapers only use goat's milk in all of their formulas.

We've only had it on one so far - our Goat Milk Salt and Oat Soap

Announcing ANNABELLE'S GOAT MILK SOAP line!  Her  first scent is....Vanilla Cream!

Now, you'll find lots of vanilla-scented soaps out there, and most of them use fragrance oils.  We don't. Besides being petroleum based and artificial - and not meeting our standards of natural - they are cloying and overpowering. Instead, we rely on essential oils, using Peru balsam as a base note highlighted by a touch of cinnamon for complexity.

 If you place an order (for anything) on the website totaling over $40, we'll include a free 4 oz bar of Annabelle's Goat Milk Soap if you choose the Free Bar option.  You can also order it here, on its own, $4.63 bar, or in packs of four, $16.67 per pack, for the best deal!

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an olive oil-coconut-palm, 4 oz bar soap 
Ingredients: saponified Olea europaea (olive) oil, Cocos nucifera (coconut) oil, Elais guineensis (palm) oil; Goat Milk, blend of essential oils, Rosmarinus officinales (natural anti-oxidant from the rosemary plant), Titanium dioxide (natural mineral coloring).