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Complexion Soaps

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four 5.5 oz bars of our healing, hand-crafted soaps

All of our soaps are good for your skin.  These four are particularly nice for your delicate complexion. Two are for sensitive skin, M'Lady's Lavender and Cedarwood Shave, and two are for oily complexions, Oat with Sweet Fennel and Red Clay and Dead Sea Salt with Pink Grapefruit.

M'Lady's Lavender and Cedarwood Shave

These two soaps are really nice for sensitive skin. 

The gentle action of Kaolin clay in M'Lady's Lavender Soap gently pulls debris from pores while helping the skin retain moisture.  Lavender essential oil provides antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory action to help clean skin prone to eruptions.  Since the clay also adds "slip" for a razor, M'Lady's is a great shaving soap (for legs or chins!).

Cedarwood Shave has French Green clay for a razor's slip, but the clay also helps remove oils and clear impurities from the skin to leave a finer texture.  A touch of calendula herb helps heal any cuts, rashes, abrasions your tender skin may have. Cedar, spruce and sage are well known antimicrobials, too, cleaning your skin without harsh chemicals.


Oat Soap with Sweet Fennel and Red Clay and Dead Sea Salt Soap with Pink Grapefruit

These two soaps are good for oily skin.

Oat Soap with Sweet Fennel and Red Clay has Moroccan clay to stimulate circulation, cleaning pores of acne-causing clogs.  Palmerosa and Sweet fennel essential oils regulate skin oil production to encourage regeneration and treat infection, ridding the skin of toxins (think rashes, poison ivy).  The oats add a gentle level of exfoliation while softening the skin.  Calendula heals sores and rashes while sage is analgesic and relaxing.

Dead Sea Salt soap with Pink Grapefruit contains coconut for great lathering and shea butter for its  anti-inflammatory properties to tone the skin.  Its'abundance of fatty acids and vitamins feeds your skin as you wash! Dead Sea salt is loaded with trace minerals that relieve acne, psoriasis and eczema to leave your skin smooth and healthy.  The astringent and anti-bacterial properties of pink grapefruit essential oil benefits congested, oily skin and conditions like acne. It will deep-clean your skin, unclogging pores and naturally smoothing bumpy textures.


This collection includes:
M'Lady's Lavender Soap with Kaolin Clay
Cedarwood Shave with Kaolin Clay
Oat Sweet Fennel & Red Clay Soap
Dead Sea Salt with Pink Grapefruit


M'Lady's Lavender Soap with Kaolin Clay:
saponified Olea europaea (olive) oil, Elais guineensis (palm) oil, Cocos nucifera (coconut) oil, Ricinus communis (castor); Lavendula Augustifolia (lavender) essential oil, Kaolin (white) Clay powder, Alkanna tinctorum (alkannet) root powder (color), Rosmarinus Officinales (Rosemary oleoresin extract) natural antioxidant,  Iron oxide (violet) powder , Symphytum officinales (comfrey) root powder,

Cedarwood Shave: 

saponified Cocos nucifera (coconut), Olea europaea (olive), & Ricinus communis (castor) oils; Soap scraps of Oat Pure and Just Goat Milk Soap, Cedrus atlantica (cedar) essential oil, Salvia officinales Dalmatia (sage) essential oil, Tsuga canadensis (spruce) essential oil, Cupressus sempervirens (cypress) essential oil, Abies siberica (fir) needle essential oil, Montmorillonite (green clay, France) powder, Chlorophyllin (color extracted from nettles, grass and alfalfa), Calendula officinales (calendula) flower powder, Vetivera zizanoides (vetiver) essential oil, Iron oxide green (mineral color), Rosmarinus officinales (Rosemary oleoresin extract) a natural anti-oxidant.

Oat Sweet Fennel & Red Clay:

saponified Cocos nucifera (coconut) oil and Olea europaea (olive) oil; Avena sativa (oats), Foeniculum vulgare (sweet fennel) essential oil, Salvia officinales Dalmatia (sage) essential oil, Montmorillonite (Moroccan red clay) powder, Cymbopogon martinii (palmerosa) essential oil, Rubia tinctorum (madder) root powder, Calendula officinales (calendula) flower powder, Rosmarinus officinales (rosemary oleoresin extract, a natural antioxidant), Iron oxide (red) powder. 

Dead Sea Salt Soap with Pink Grapefruit: Ingredients: saponified Cocos nucifera (coconut) oil & organic Butyrospermum parkii (shea) butter, unrefined, Maris sal (sodium chloride w/ trace minerals (Dead Sea salt)), Citrus paradisi rubra (pink grapefruit) essential oil, Mentha piperita India (peppermint) essential oil, Titanium dioxide (color), Salvia officinales Dalmatia (sage) essential oil, Rosmarinus officinales (Rosemary oleoresin extract) a natural anti-oxidant, Rubia tinctorum (madder) root powder.