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Green Grit Handmade Natural Soap

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6.5 oz. Bar

Green Grit skin polishing soap, with a touch of pumice & Dead Sea Salt for an amazing clean!

When I was a mere lass, there was a commercial soap with pumice that would tear the skin off the toughest guy! So, when I created this soap, I made sure to put just enough pumice in to lightly polish your skin, leaving it softer, cleaner and intact!

Green Grit is scented with lime and spruce.  We use natural mineral coloring for the green and a bit of titanium dioxide* to keep the soap white.  

Try our Balm of the Woodland Elves (BWE), a light, waterless shea butter and almond oil body rub and skin restorer. Its woodsy, evergreen scent blends perfectly with the spruce and lime scent of Green Grit.   Balm of the Woodland Elves comes in 3 sizes: 2 oz, 4 oz and 8 oz. 

Our special combos are: 
2 oz BWE Cream with one bar of Green Grit soap
4 oz BWE Cream with one bar of Green Grit soap

Try all three of our salt soaps and save!
Our Salt Soap Collection contains one each:
Dead Sea Salt & Pink Grapefruit
Green Grit
Stony Creek Sea Salt & Lavender

Buy the Collection here

Bar Soap Nets
We like to sell our salt soaps with bar soap bath nets for maximum lathering.  This also cuts down on the exfoliating effect of the salt for those who find it to be too much.


Green Grit Soap is Solar powered, plant based, sustainable, phthalate-free, soy-free, handcrafted soap created by Herb Garden Naturals

Ingredients: saponified Cocos nucifera (coconut) oil, Butyrosperum parkii (shea) butter, unrefined Ghana; Maris sal Dead Sea (sea salt), Pumice/Volcanic ash, extra fine, Citrus aurantifolia (lime) essential oil, Juniperus virginiana (cedar) Oil, Tsuga canadensisi (spruce) essential oil, water, Titanium dioxide, Montmorillonite green (clay) powder, Laurus nobilis (bay laurel) essential oil, Rosmarinus officianles (rosemary oleoresin extract (natural antioxidant), Iron oxide, sage green.

* Titanium dioxide is a white mineral pigment found in nature used in thickening, coloring and lubricating. To date, it is generally regarded as safe (GRAS) unless it is in its micronized (nono-particle) form. We do not use the micronized version.  Titanium dioxide is hazardous if inhaled, but in soap this would not be the case.