Jewelweed Juice (Organic, Natural Poison Ivy Therapy Spray)

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Organic herbal spray available in 2oz, 4oz,


All natural poison ivy relief. It Really WORKS!

One summer, I had Poison ivy rash for more days than not !  And then I tried Jewelweed.  Crush the plant against your skin to keep the rash from coming, or to heal it if you had NO IDEA until the itch began!

And what to do when the poison ivy is around and the jewelweed isn't? That's why I created "Jewelweed Juice"....for those days you cannot find the plant!

Crossing paths with poison ivy should be avoided at all costs, but when you do come across it, try this traditional folk remedy!  We have created a process to capture the beneficial constituents of the Impatiens capensis, or Jewelweed plant, so its healing benefits are available to you even when the plant is not.

From personal experience, I can identify 3 stages to P.I.:

Catch it early: Apply Jewelweed Juice after contact & flush skin with cool water when you can.

Catch it when it starts to itch: Spray the affected area, leave on for an hour. Repeat if needed. You won’t see the rash at this stage.  In fact, your skin will look just fine.  Be wary of these "mysterious itchy places"

A full-blown case: Rinsing with really hot water can relieve the itchiness: Don’t Scratch at it! Use the Juice to help it heal. Don't cover the rash with anything.  Catch the PI sooner next time!

We use wild-crafted jewelweed plants to process our Juice.  The essential oils were chosen for their healing, soothing, calming and slightly numbing characteristics. 

Special Savings when you stock up for the season or just want to share the goodness with friends and family!
Combine our Jewelweed Soap with Jewelweed Juice!  
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Ingredients wild-crafted in CT witch hazel wild-crafted in CT jewelweed, vegetable glycerin, essential oils of lavender, tangerine & clove, Vitamin E, grain alcohol.

 Avoid spraying in the eyes!