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Life Gives You Lemons....

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Life gives you lemons...make soap!  Make cream! Add limes and oranges! Make lip balm!

This is the gift you give the Perpetual Optimist in your life! 

It's all here, from soapy clean-ups to creamy smoothness to happy smiling lips. You know exactly who you are giving this hand-crafted, lovingly-crafted, extraordinary and unique gift to....

...just choose small, medium or large!

Hand-crafted, lemony citrus-y Soaps

Dead Sea Salt and Pink Grapefruit
Green Grit (with sea salt and a touch of pumice, scented with lime and spruce)

Organic, lemony citrus-y Creams

Melissa Cream with Lemon balm & Lemongrass (the best foot cream ever!)
Orange Essence Body Butter (the best complexion cream ever!)

Lip Balms

Tangerine Lips (our favorite summer lip balm)
Melissa Lip Balm (our favorite cold weather lip balm, flavored with lemongrass)



This collection includes:

Three Soaps, two Creams, two lip balms

The soap bars are cut at over 5.5 to 6.5 oz).  You can choose the size of the creams, which come in Small (2 oz), Medium (4 oz) and Large (8 oz) sizes.