Just Soap Handmade Natural Soap

$ 5.79

5oz. Bar

Just Soap
Unscented, with super lather - Pure, clean & 100% natural!

Great for Baby!

Does commercial soap leave your skin dry & irritated?
Do you suspect allergies to fragrances?
Try using just soap to bring your skin back to balance again!

No fragrance, no preservatives, no petrochemicals.
It’s JUST a SOAP we can all live with.

Buy four at a time and save!
The "size" drop-down box provides the options.

Combine Just Soap with our Nothing! Cream and save!
The Nothing! Cream comes in 3 sizes: 2 oz, 4 oz and 8 oz.  Our special combos are: 
-4 oz Nothing! Cream with one bar of Just soap
-8 oz Nothing! Cream with two bars of Just soap

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A coconut & olive oil soap

Ingredients: saponified Cocos nucifera (coconut) oil & Olea europaea (olive) oil,
Rosmarinus officinales oleoresin (plant-derived anti-oxidant), Titanium dioxide (mineral white agent, we do not use the controversial "micronized" version)