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Herbal Tea, Peppermint "Chocolotta Menthalotta"

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Chocolotta Menthalotta Tea

This is one of the mints we grow here. Organically, sustainably, in partnership with the earth, the seasons, the rains and the moon.

It is called Chocolate Peppermint and has a complex flavor profile reminiscent of the intriguing flavor depths of chocolate - despite not having any chocolate anywhere near it.

The color of the fresh leaves is also reminiscent of chocolate being a deeper green with a bit of bronze to it compared to the bright green of, say, spearmint, or apple mint.

What sets our peppermint apart from every other peppermint out there?  

We never put the dried leaves through a screen to remove them from the stem.  We strip them off by hand leaving the herb as whole as possible which means the flavor profile remains as rich as possible. Whenever an herb is crumbled, it's volatile essential oil (its essence) is released.  Its healing properties, its scent, its flavor: released.

We think YOU should be the one to release the essence of the herb.

After all, it does you no good if all the power of the herb dissipates into my Herbary!

So we send you the whole herb leaf with the intention of letting YOU crumble it into your hot water for a healing tea, or into a light oil to make a healing rub, or muddled into a cocktail... You get the idea!

Our 15 gram brown bag is biodegradable with a plant-based was lining to keep your dried herbs fresh.  For the longest shelf life, store out of the sun, away from heat. 

Of of course, simply enjoying your peppermint regularly is the best idea of all!


Peppermint has been used as a stimulant, an anti-spasmodic, and as a favorite flavor profile for centuries.  It aids digestion, it wakes you up, relieves tension headaches, eases over-stretched muscles,  reduces a fever, flavors mint juleps, calms the pain of bee stings and toothaches, flavors ice cream and syrups and lemonade.