Balance, Waterless Skin Hydration, an Organic Scented Oil
Balance, Waterless Skin Hydration, an Organic Scented Oil
Balance, Waterless Skin Hydration, an Organic Scented Oil
Balance, Waterless Skin Hydration, an Organic Scented Oil
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Balance, Waterless Skin Hydration, an Organic Scented Oil

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Hydrate, seal, soften and heal your skin using this special combination of plant oils that provide important fatty acids your skin needs.

Sometimes, "like" heals "like".

Sometimes, using an oil to clean oily skin makes more sense. Let's take an example.  Jojoba oil.  Its make-up is so similar to your skin's oil, or sebum, that your body can't tell the difference.  

Have you been using soaps and products formulated to dry up your skin only to find it feeling red, blotchy, irritated and still breaking out? Contrary to some information, certain oils actually help unclog your pores allowing your skin to heal itself more naturally.

Organic, cold-pressed oils of Sunflower, Cherry kernel, Hemp and Jojoba,

are scented perfectly with exotic ylangylang and   delicate rose geranium

to create the perfect waterless skin therapy. 

What is Soap-free skin cleansing?


Release and Re-align, return to your natural Balance

Rose geranium and Ylangylang share calming, relaxing & soothing properties. 

Ylangylang ties the body to emotions and beliefs, helping to bring balance to unsettled thoughts and feelings.  It can assuage depression, grief and anger or, when emotions are settled, encourage amour.  Ylangylang has been used as an aphrodisiac for centuries.

Rose geranium encourages stability in your emotional life by helping you release troubling feelings.  It reduces stress and promotes a sense of peace deep into the core of your being.

We capture the synergy of these two essential oils with healing skin oils and, together, they offer balance to the heart, mind & body.

Oh, what can we do with a scented oil?  Let me count the ways......! 

Use this oil

to massage a loved one......with a few drops in the palm of your hand
to scent your bath..........with a few drops under running water
to relieve dry skin....these plant oils will replenish your skin's natural sebum
to soften cuticles....keep a bottle close by and apply regularly
to heal your skin....these oils absorb rapidly to help your skin repair naturally
to rub into your keep your beard hair healthy and in place, jojoba oil is a plant-wax so it replaces the beeswax of a beard balm while absorbing more readily into your beard


If you are a practitioner, please contact us directly for wholesale pricing.


Ingredients: organic Helianthus anuus (sunflower) oil, organic Prunus avium (cherry kernel) oil, Cannabis sativa (hemp) seed oil, Simmondsia chinensis (jojoba), Canaga odorata (ylangylang) essential oil, Pelargonium graveolens (rose geranium) essential oil, Rosmarinus oleoresin extract (plant-based antioxidant).