Soap is a simple thing.  It's a chemical process. The by-product of making soap is glycerin, a viscous product the big corporations remove from the soap.  Soap crafters leave it in the soap.  It has humectant properties, which means it draws moisture to it, keeping your skin moist.  Big companies remove it and formulate creams with it.  We also put it in our creams, but we never take it our of our soaps.

Soap is simple and it lends itself to all sorts of interesting and inspired creations.  You'll see that here at Herb Garden Naturals, we add oats to some, herbs to others, salt to several, as well as goat's milk, essential oils and plant dye colors.  Soap is made by mixing lye (sodium hydroxide -NaOH- dissolved in water) with oils, butters and fats.  A chemical process begins right away and at a certain point, the raw soap is poured into molds and left to "saponify" for the next 24 to 36 hours.  Then we unmold it, cut it and dry it. 

When we cut our soap, we don't skimp!  We have three sizes depending on the soap: a  5.5 oz, 6.5 oz and 10.5 oz.  Most soap handcrafters cut or pour bars that are between 3 and 4 ounces. And they charge a lot more than we do.  Which is fine. 

Our desire is to give you a good sized bar of soap that you will use because you can afford it.

All of our soaps have the option to buy a Four Pack. When you purchase four of the same soap, we give you a ten percent discount.  That's what the "sale!" sticker on each picture is about.  Buy four of a kind and save!

Many of our soaps are now available by the dozen, and several are available with a better discount for twenty at a time

There are also special groups of different soaps we sell at a discount.  Check out the Four Soap Collection here!