"Baby Head to Toe" Oat Pure Natural Handmade Soap & UnBody Butter

$ 5.79

pure, natural Oat Pure Soap and pure, natural UnBody Butter

Unscented - Uncolored - Unadulterated - no irritating chemicals!

Compare the ingredients of this bar of soap and our rich body butter with the products you currently use for your baby..

Bath Time....  Soothing oats are creamy and skin-nourishing.  Make a lather in your hands and wash your baby from head to toe with pure, gentle soap. 

Diaper Time.... We are offering a special combination of UnBody Butter with our Oat Pure soap.  Both are scent-free, natural and organic. UnBody Butter is the perfect diaper cream - rich, healing, unscented and a safer barrier than petroleum jelly or the bottom creams out there today.  Compare the ingredients!

Buy four bars of soap at a time and save!
Choose the best combination of soap and body butter for your babe -  and save!
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Pure Oat Soap ingredients
Only five ingredients: saponified oils: Olea europaea (olive), Cocos nucifera (coconut) & Elaeis guineensis (palm); Avena sativa (oats); Rosmarinus officinales (plant-derived antioxidant).


UnBody Butter ingredients (compare these to your commercial brand!)
All natural, made with organic ingredients: organic unrefined shea butter; organic sunflower oil, green tea, wild-crafted witch hazel distillate, organic avocado butter, beeswax, plant-based emulsifying wax, aloe vera, plant-based glycerin, vitamin E, anti-oxidant derived from rosemary, grain alcohol. This is not an spf product and no claims are made to that effect.