Unscented for the Sensitive

Most people find that when they need to detox their skin, going to an unscented product is the place to begin. We all know how irritating it can be to develop a rash to the soap or cream we love. Yet it happens, and the culprits have often been determined to be fragrance oils with trade-secret ingredients and highly refined isolated chemical compounds that act as preservatives, colorants or "feel" enhancers. 

With our Unscented line, there are no fragrances or essential oils.  We use pure plant oils - coconut, shea, cocoa butter and extra-virgin olive oil, to name a few.  Organic grain-derived alcohol is used to inhibit molds and bacteria.  To keep our products fresh, we use a natural antioxidant oleoresin derived from the rosemary plant. 

Our creams, soaps, lip balms, oils and herbal remedies are meant to be used, not kept around for years.  Remember the Twinkie Bar that can be lost for years and still be "fresh" when you finally clean out that drawer?  Our products are not that Twinkie bar.  So, please use them. 

Begin here to detox your skin.  Now.  Today.