We all need good, un-adulterated, safe organic products - and no one needs them more than our sweet and tender babes!

Unscented, pure, simple...

The items we've placed in this portion of the catalog are safe and gentle for baby.  Most of them are unscented.  Scents, fragrance oils in particular, have been found to be the usual culprit when someone shows a reaction to a body care product. So, one of the safest choices for baby is a fragrance-free product.

Baby's Damp Little Places....

We've included a few scented soaps and creams, too.  Lavender is the safest, most common plant essential oil there is.  Our Lovely in Lavender is a simple cream that you can try on baby.  You may find it very helpful for rashes, although our UnBody Butter is thicker and can provide a good barrier without your resorting to using petroleum jelly. Apply Lovely in Lavender first and then use the UnBody Butter before taping on that diaper.

As for shampoo, lather up the Oat Pure in your palms and use that for baby's bath time from head to foot.

Remember, there is free shipping on everything, so let's take care of that baby today!